10 Simple Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Do you want to know how you can quickly increase the number of people who follow you on Instagram? Instagram quickly outgrew its initial purpose as a kid’s fun app to become potent networking, audience building and content marketing tool for brands and individuals. It is now a famous social network site in the world, with more than five hundred million subscribers who share 1.6 billion likes and more than 60 million pictures every day.

These statistics show you how Instagram is important in your business. Instagram is a wonderful goldmine for businesses and online marketers. This article will provide easy and creative ways to get more Instagram followers you need to know.

Top 10 Easy Ways to Get More Instagram Followers.

1. SocialZop

This is one of the easiest and sure ways of gaining more followers on Instagram. We free website that improves your social presence and makes you famous on various social platforms including Instagram. You do not have to pay anything for this service; it is free.

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2. Get Creative with Hashtags

Hashtags provide effective ways of getting more followers on Instagram. However, you need to use the right hashtags to make people discover and read your content. If you employ hashtags strategically on your content, it can increase your chances of gaining more followers on Instagram.

Use ironic and funny hashtags to keep your target audience entertained and engaged. Go ahead and add hashtags to your Instagram stories and have more Instagram followers within a short period. Use popular hashtags and more people will follow you on Instagram.

Using more relevant hashtags will no doubt make your photos famous on Instagram, and many will follow you. This translates to more likes, followers, and comments which boosts your profile.

3. Follow Others

There are no shortcuts when you want to gain followers on Instagram; you must follow others for them to follow you back. This helps to boost the number of your followers and likes that your photo will get. Follow others to gain more Instagram followers.

4. Post at the Right Time

Before you post anything onto your Instagram profile, always consider the time that most of your audience is active on Instagram and can check your posts.

Proper timing when posting your content is crucial as it will help more people to see and comment thus increasing your Instagram followers. For instance, if your target audience is high school students, then the right time to post your content will be in the afternoon to allow more students to see your photo during their lunchtime.

Always check the time zone that your prospects live to get a clear understanding of when you should post your content on Instagram and attract a huge following.

5. Host Contests


This is a good way of boosting your engagement and gaining more followers on your Instagram. It is a tactic that has been proved almost on all social media networks. Instagram is the best platform to run contests because of its popularity.

Take amazing photos and add various captions to alert people about the upcoming contest. Use # to make it easier for people to find your contents. Share your contests on other social network sites to increase the number of your Instagram followers without a dime.

6. Fill out Your Bio Completely

Always make sure that your Bio has all the information that will engage your target audience. It is through your Bio that your followers will know who you are or your brand and decide whether to follow you or not. Include clickable links in your bio to attract more followers on Instagram.

7. Share Compelling Photos that Your Audience can relate to

If you have scrutinized most popular Instagram accounts, then you will realize that they have a common theme. They have photos that people can connect with and relate. They are original, unique and personal. By sharing such images, you are establishing a deep connection with your target audience.

8. Post Frequently, But Do Not Overdo It

Once you have gained new Instagram followers, you need to keep them interested in following you. Posting attractive and relevant photos frequently is one way of keeping your audience engaged to your Instagram account. You can post few pictures every day to keep your fans engaged and entertained.

If you flood your profile with photos each day, then people are likely to unfollow you. Therefore post the images frequently but not excessively.

9. Post Quality Photos

You should always remember that quality should be your paramount concern than quantity. Edit your Instagram account frequently and remove the images that are of poor quality.

10. Ask Questions in the Captions of Your Photo

Asking questions in the captions of your photo is a practical and straightforward way of obtaining more likes on Instagram. This will increase the number of likes as well as comments coming from your Instagram followers. As we all know engagement is a sure way of increasing the number of your Instagram followers.


Getting more followers on Instagram is now easier than ever before if you make use of the top 10 ways of gaining more followers on Instagram discussed in this article. Here is a summary of ten easy ways to get more Instagram followers as discussed above:

Use SocialZop to get real followers on your Instagram account.

-Use creative and relevant hashtags to attract new followers.

-Follow others to attract other followers onto your Instagram account.

-Post photos at the right time to make sure most of your target audiences view them.

-Host contests and share them widely in other social network sites.

-Fill out your Bio completely to allow new followers to know about you or your brand.

– Post your photos frequently, but not excessively.

– Ask questions in the captions of your photos to engage your audience.


These tips will help you to gain more followers on Instagram and boost the online presence of your business.


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