Surveys, You may be thinking whats the point?

Below I will explain why you need to complete a survey before we process your order

Bots and SPAM!

These surveys are used as a security feature against bots and spam, without these surveys our website wouldn’t be in action and nobody would be able to claim there free stuff! When our website first opened we didn’t have an issue with bots, once people started to realize what we was providing our traffic went straight up, sadly not all this traffic was good. In order to stop these bots we have to make each user complete a survey before we process there order. We know nobody likes surveys but this was the only way!

Whats wrong with just using a captcha code?

For those who don’t know what a captcha code is, please see here.
We used a captcha code for the first couple of months but somehow bots was still breaking through this system, each month we would get more traffic from bots and it had to stop, this is when we decided to add the surveys, this stopped 100% of the bots. If we didn’t move over to surveys and was still using a captcha code our website would have been taken down by now!


Everything on this website is free so i’m sure spending 5 minutes completing a survey shouldn’t be a problem! If you are complaining about completing a survey for a service which should normally cost you over $100 then you are in the wrong place! We know that completing a survey can be a tedious process but we promise it shouldn’t take no longer than 5 minutes of your time.

What are surveys?

Surveys have a variety of purposes but SocialZop has found a way to stop bots with them, filling out a survey normally consists of entering some details such as your name, email address, telephone number, etc… When filling out a survey you are normally entering a draw to win something or if you are coming from a mobile device you may have to download an app. Now you may be thinking whats the point of this? But if you think about it, how it a bot going to fill out this information? This is why our system stops 100% of bots!

Please be aware that some surveys will ask for your mobile number, they will then send you a text and if you confirm this text you could be charged